Not On The High Street ( is your online shopping destination, if you want to find something for someone.

The site has something for everyone, from your mother to your fiancé, or your best friend to favourite pet – there are plenty of great gift options available.

What Would You Find?

They specialise in hand-made, artistic stuff – sure to bring a satisfactory smile on the customer’s face.

You can have personalised home-décor, fashion jewellery and gift-items – in collaboration with artists all over the UK.

When shopping online, look for the “Only for YOU” creations, “Unique” designs, and “must have” Jewellery – available at unbelievably low cost and 100% authenticity.

You could even get to know about the artists, their work and help them personally. Don’t believe me?

Check it out here and subscribe to get in touch with their latest trends artists:

You have a 100% guarantee regarding the product genuineness. You won’t be able to find their products in the market because they deal with artists personally. Each order is unique, one of a kind.

Different Gifts For Every Occasion

Not On The High Street offers you different gifts for each occasion, from wedding and baby shower to birthday and personal memoir the always tend to offer their customer unique and special goods.

They have a wide range of home décor and gardening stuff to make your home beautiful and artistic. Be it a matter of gifting someone or something special for yourself, Not On The High Street will fulfil all you desire artistically and uniquely.

The interface is easy, and you can find you all requirements on the home page. They have an easy to use website where you can customise your product and order it with the surety that no second piece will be made from that design.

Be it gifts, jewellery, home décor or just piece of fabulous art work they ensure you the product’s authenticity and quality on every purchase you made.

To The Lovebirds

Not On The High Street offers unique wedding planning, design, décor, invitation cards, thank you card, everything you need, to stylise your wedding.

To make your special day more memorable, head off to the wedding category on the site. They also have special offers and ideas for every love birds out there; you can find it in their “Inspiration by Style” section.

They have categorised today’s favourite theme and wedding ideas in that section.

Not On The High Street Sales And Offers

Like the store, ‘sale’ section is also no on the high street. You need to type ‘sales and offers’ in the search box and can avail them.

They have special seasonal sales and sometimes as much as 50% off on products.

About Not On The High Street

They started in the year of 2005 with the wish to provide customers unique artistic stuff. Now they have more than 500 artists and small business enterprises from all over the UK, who are only appointed to give you the best and authentic stuff.

This is the place from where you can bag some awesome, single edition gifts for your loved ones and for you too.